Scan Report…Kind of

The radiologist’s appointment today didn’t offer much in the way of the concrete answers we were looking for. Bill said that the doctor saw something on the scan, but could not tell if it was tumor, fluid, or swelling from the radiation treatment. He says it is too early to tell. The analysis of the scan, which we cannot really understand because it is quite technical, gives several possible reasons for the things he saw. The surgeon is the one who ordered the scan so we will see what he has to say next week. Todays doctor did say that there was nothing on the scan which surprised him or was unusual for this stage of treatment. He is taking a wait and see approach, and wants to do another scan at a later date. He used the dreaded “it takes time” line which Louise did not want to hear. He talked with her about how she was doing and she told him she was really tired all the time. She seemed to think it was related to her medicine. He and Ray discussed some slight adjustments that might help her. They also discussed the possible reasons for her fatigue. It could be caused my any number of things, including treatment, her body needing rest to heal, or reaction to medicine. There are many variables and it is next to impossible to figure out the exact cause. For now, slight adjustments to her medicine will be the first attempt to fix the tired problem.
She goes to see the surgeon next week as well as her oncologist I think. Both should also look at the scan and give their opinions. It is fairly normal to have a team of doctors to look at your tests. This approach brings with it a measure of security that if one doctor misses something another will find it. As of now, there isn’t a plan to start chemo anytime soon. They want to give some time for the brain to heal up from the radiation.
She has been kind of down lately. We went for a visit on Friday night for my birthday. She didn’t feel too good and said she feels she is getting worse. She thinks her good eye is no longer able to see as good. Overall she was having a down day. I think when she is tired it is just overwhelming to her. In the mornings she is more chipper. Depending on when you talk to her you might think she is doing amazingly well, or that she is fading fast. I think most of the time she is somewhere in the middle. Holding her own, trying to be her spunky self and not quite able to generate the spunk on most days. She seemed like her old self when she called me to wish me a happy birthday last week. She didn’t have any trouble talking, remembered my name, and was able to communicate normally. Then just a few hours later, when we were visiting, she was having trouble and was down. It is normal for head injured people to vacillate between extremes. Their brains are struggling to make sense of the world, and they find life difficult to understand. Louise is fighting hard to find her way back to herself. Your prayers and phone calls are appreciated.

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