Latest on Louise

I want to fill you in on Louise. We haven’t heard anything on the scan yet. Her appointment is next week…on the 30th. We aren’t sure, but we think the doctor will discuss the scan results at that appointment. So right now there is no news on that. The first thing she told me tonight was that it was her first day since surgery where she didn’t take a nap. She seemed proud of that. I figured she would be really tired and have trouble but she seemed fine. She was in good spirits and didn’t have too much trouble communicating considering I called close to her bedtime. She asked me about my kids, not by name, but each of them individually by the details she knows of their lives. She was accurate and remembered their different activities and who was where.
Her glasses are helping some. She told me that she is getting to so if she puts them down she has to go looking for them. She cannot do without them. To us that means that she can see better with them. However, she also said the doctor told her that her eyes will never be back like they were before. That seems to have dampened her spirits some, but she is trying to be happy with what she can see.
Her reading teacher didn’t come today and that had her worried. The teacher had called last week and was sick so she didn’t come. But she never called today to set it up and then she didn’t show up at her normal time. Louise was very concerned about that because she really likes her teacher and says that it is unusual for her not to call. She is a cancer survivor herself, so Louise is wondering if her cancer is back, or if something happened to her family, or if she is really sick. The brain-injured mind can run wild with thoughts and ideas about something like this. She said they are going to try to find out about the teacher’s status tomorrow.
Today Louise prepared the monthly newsletter for mailing for her dulcimer group. It is a job she did before surgery, and it seems to make her feel normal to be able to do it again. Tomorrow she says is “company day” because two of her friends are coming for a visit, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It gives her something to look forward to when they come. I would say she is holding her own. We are more concerned about the scan results than she appears to be. In the land of cancer you have to wait on the timetable of the doctors. It is frustrating, but you have to live a day at the time and not worry about a week from now…as best as you can. That is where we are right now, trying to think positive and not to worry…one day at a time.

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