For the Louise Trackers

To all of the Louise trackers out there…I will be out of town this upcoming week so there will not be any updates. I will be in touch with Bill while I am gone so if there is any significant news on Louise I will try to post. However, I do not expect there to be much change in her condition. She met with the surgeon last week and he kept her on steroids for a time to help her brain recover from radiation. Other than that there is not much to say until after the next scan. Her doctor’s appointment for her eye is Friday, I think, so when I get home on Friday night I will try to give you the info. on how that went. I am going to be moving Hannah into her new dorm tomorrow and Sunday. Then William and I are off to check out SCAD in Savannah, then down to Fernandina Beach with some friends for a few days. Bill will be home with Peter since he has band camp next week. It is the last few days of summer for us so things are picking up.

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