Child’s Play

I went to the Sautee Store yesterday for a quick sandwich to go. Their BLT’s are like a taste of summer. I got in my car in a hurry to be on my way. When I was buckling up, I saw a bubble float past my window. I looked towards the flower-bed, where the bubble solution is set upon a pedestal. Amid the dancing flowers was a dancing boy, four, maybe five years old. He carried the bubble wand in his hand like a scepter…waving it as if he was king of the bubbles. The shine in his blue eyes was magical. It captured the attention of an older lady slowly making her way down the stairs of the store. She stopped mid-step to take in the sight of this blond hair bouncing around in summertime ecstasy. Her wrinkled cheeks climbed into a smile and the sparkle in her eyes matched his. For a moment, the years faded from her face. I wondered how far back in time she had been transported.
Others who were milling around, tourists mostly, stopped as well. All eyes were transfixed on the boy, who was oblivious to anything but creating the most bubbles possible. As we all watched him, his dad approached. He took the wand and, like dad’s do, began to make longer and bigger bubbles for the boy. If the boy had been a balloon at that moment, he would have burst. He ran, chasing the bubbles. Catching them. Popping them. He laughed and giggled. I know because I rolled down my window to hear. His dad was cheering him on. The boy caught up in a moment of childhood we all remember. The smile on his little sun-burned face had spread to the faces of the twelve or so people frozen in place around him. Each of us waiting for the spell to be broken, but hoping it wouldn’t just yet. The simplicity of the moment struck me…how a bit of soapy water and a wire could transform a scene of strangers into time traveling playmates. How a little boy could inject life in a brief instant to all those around him, yet not even know it.
I think that God loves for us to play as children. When we dance and are thrilled at his creation, he cheers us on. When we rejoice in the simplest little things…like bubbles and raindrops, fire-flies and rainbows…it blesses him. When we are infused with joyful exuberance, time stands still. He longs to be with us when we are in such a state. It is simple, this communion with him. No words are needed. The music of our laughter, the abandon of our hearts to the moment, it is like no other time. We remember it from childhood but we need to be reminded, our memories refreshed. What is this old familiar feeling that rises up at the sight of a child at play? It is freedom. It is unhindered innocence. It is honesty. It is worship.

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