Radiation update

Yesterday I found out that if you already have bruises on both arms the people in the lab take drawing your blood much more seriously. The lady I got yesterday said, “Whoa…what happened here?” I told her that I had a CT scan on Monday and that these marks were all the places they missed. She wanted to know if the problem was rolling veins, yes I said, that and the fact that they are too tiny for the needle, and they don’t pop out. She pulled out a little butterfly needle, and the blood pressure cuff. Got me first time. Hurray!!! Now to wait it out for the doctors appointments next week.
After my blood draw, I went to Louise’s radiation appointment. She is having more and more trouble with her memory and communication. I noticed it quite a bit when I was with her. The doctor said he would add some steroids to try to help her brain swelling, which is what he attributes the changes to. She said she didn’t need any more medicine, and was against it until he told her that her memory could improve if she took it. He said she should do it as an experiment to see if it would help. She seemed to think that was worth doing…we will see if she still feels that way when it is time to actually take the pill.
I took her out to lunch and then shopping for hats. We went to Panara and she wanted to sit in the car to figure out what she wanted before we went in. She doesn’t like being put on the spot to place her order. Since she cannot read the menu, she feels stupid when we stand there and read it to her. So we picked out what she wanted before getting to the register, so I could just place both orders while she went to get our drinks. She enjoyed her soup and sandwich. She ate most all of it.
Once we finished eating she decided she didn’t really want to look at hats. I talked her into going to Kohl’s to look around. I was looking at some clothes- in the regular women’s department by the way-and she was browsing as well. I found a new dress which made her happy. She said it was much more fun shopping for something other than hats to cover bald heads. We looked for some hats but they didn’t have any that would do, so we left. She seemed tired and couldn’t think of anything she needed so we went home. Most of the day, she had a great deal of trouble communicating. More so than I have seen in a while…not as bad as right after surgery, but still worse than the past couple of weeks. She knows she is getting worse and it seemed to be bothering her.
William came over and asked her how she was doing. She said, “I am doing, but I’m not going to tell you how. But doing is better than dead so I guess I am okay.” She did tell us that she heard the doctor say that she is never going to get one hundred percent better. I was there and that isn’t exactly what he said, but he did say that some of the symptoms may not go away after treatment…he was more talking about her eye I think…but she took it that she is never getting better. It upset her some, but she is trying to be grateful for what she can do. That is hard though, when communication is so affected. She is going to try to listen to books on tape. I think that will help her to have something to get her mind off of her treatment. We just have to find a CD player that will hold her place. She thought the one she had did, but it starts over every time you start to listen. She told me she has a priority list, fix her eye, fix her memory, and then learn to read. She said she knows that she might not get all of that done, but that she wants to work on it in that order. We are hoping that the steroids will help some…she only has a couple more weeks of treatment and that is a good thing.

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