Louise Update

I have been out of town for a couple of days…college looking with William. I cannot believe that he is a senior and we are doing the college search again. Time flies. I wanted to update you on Louise. She continues to go to radiation each day. Yesterday Bill took her. He said she is having a bit more trouble communicating but he doesn’t notice it much. She feels she is getting worse. She is also loosing her hair now. She has found a hat or two, she says it is too hot for a wig. I would have to agree with her on that one! She most likely will not be bald, except for in two spots. The rest should just thin down some. She says her eyes are improving and that sometimes she can even see without her patch on. This is good news, because it means she is still improving. Hopefully while she still has a few weeks of radiation it will continue to get better.
She told Bill that she hates that he has to take care of her, since she isn’t even the same mother he has always had. He told her that she is very much herself and that when we visit with her we leave feeling like we have spent time with Louise…the one we have always known. I guess she is feeling like we are all dreading taking care of her, because she is dependent. He was able to assure her that that is NOT the way we look at it at all. He said she seemed to receive his words and the love that came with them.
She also had an appointment to get some cortisone shots in her hands since they are sore. Bill had passed her off to Ray before that appointment so we haven’t heard yet how it went. We were hoping that since she fell the doctor would check her wrists just to be sure there are no fractures. She has had these shots before for her arthritis so it is hard to tell which kind of pain is the problem, from her fall or from her usual arthritis pain.
At home, Ray got her a new lawn mower. She has always cut the grass around the house and she wants to continue. There are problems with the mower however, it moves to fast and to get it to move forward she has to hold a bar down and she is not strong enough to do it. Ray and Tim (a man that works for him on the property) are trying to adjust it so that she can use it. I guess if it is between operating a mower or a car the mower is the safer of the two!

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