Visit with Louise

Today Aaron, Peter and I went to visit Louise at her house. She had just woken up from her nap and was in a good mood. She told some pretty funny stories today. Evidently, she is earning a reputation at the rehab center. She decided yesterday to take a walk down the street to a neighborhood close by the center. When she returned, she had half the place looking for her. They told her it was against the rules for her to walk that far. She couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal, but she said she won’t do it again. This story reminded me of Bill’s attempt to run away from the hospital. They found him in the parking lot looking for his car. He was way more out of it than Louise, but it is still comical to hear what they think, as opposed to what actually happened. They see no danger it in their actions at all. It doesn’t make sense to them why anyone would be concerned.
Today Louise got up to go out on the front porch to wait for Ray to come and was blocked by two nurses who told her she couldn’t go outside alone. Louise said, “Just watch me” and went right outside and sat down. I think they will be glad for this really mobile patient to go home, since she has a strong mind of her own. She says she is learning just to say what she thinks about things. I would agree…good or bad she just says it. It was interesting to see what Aaron had to say since he has not seen her at all. From his view, it seems the small things seem much bigger to her now. I think that is a good way to say it. Little things are huge in her mind. She is also more animated. She squeals when she is excited to see one of the boys. Or gasps when she hears something surprising. She talks a lot, also very normal for head injured people. She can listen, but prefers to do the talking more at the moment.
We talked about her eyes today and told her that we will ask the doctor if she needs to see her eye doctor. I also told her that Bill’s neuro-ophthalmologist is still practicing if she should need him. She didn’t remember that he had any visual problems, and was surprised when I told her he still does. The “left over” symptoms from head injury remain, they get milder over time, as long as the injury does not re-occur. Your brain learns to make new connections to compensate for the areas that were harmed. It is amazing really when you think about how the brain works. She wants to get some glasses or something that will help her vision.
Her mind is set that once she sees the doctor on Tuesday she will be coming home on Wednesday. I don’t know what will happen if he says no…she will be quite upset I know that. Today she was doing very well with her speech. She seemed very coherent and knew what she was saying, what we were saying and what she wanted to do today. She kept complaining that she had been home all day and hadn’t gotten anything done. Ray told her she would have to come back tomorrow to finish. She wants to start making a list of what she wants to do so she can check it off. As you can tell, she is very much herself. Planning and doing is in her core nature, so it is a bit magnified now. Head injured people do not really change in personality, but their characteristics are amplified by their brain trauma. For Bill he became even more fidgety and talkative. He moved constantly and his disorganization went to an all time high. Some of those things still remain.  I feel like Louise could come home at this point if the doctor clears her with some at home care. We will wait and see what he says.

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