Ray’s Update

We didn’t have the chance to see Louise today because of a ton of activities. The end of the school year always includes graduation parties, and band concerts among other things. However, Ray sent me an update of the day via e-mail. He picked her up and they went to lunch. One thing we have noticed, and that she is concerned about, is her lack of appetite. Ray said she didn’t eat much today. I am sure that will be one of the questions that comes up when we see the doctor. She also got some of her chores done today that she didn’t finish yesterday, including bathing and trimming two of the dogs. She cooked dinner and used the microwave without any trouble. After dinner she watched the news until she got bored and went to play her dulcimer. He says she didn’t like how it sounded and that she could not read the words, however, her music also has numbers so she could play it using those. I think just hearing her playing made Ray happy. I had the same reaction when Bill picked up the piano again after months and months without being able to play. She also seemed to be looking forward to having her regular speech therapist back tomorrow. He took her back after a productive day. Getting things done really helps her overall attitude.

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