Louise’s Day at Home

Louise was at home today for a visit. She will come back again tomorrow for Mother’s Day. Bill and I went to see her and she seemed like she was doing fairly well. Not as much talk today about hating therapy, or the food, or her doctor. I think the change in scenery helps with that. Ray read her some of the cards people have sent today while we were there. He gives the name of the person and asks her if she remembers who they are. 90% of the time she can tell you who it is. The others she can tell you once you give a few clues. She really enjoys the cards, so keep’em coming. She even read a few words today from a couple of them. The ones with pictures and just a few words are the best ones for her to try. The others Ray reads to her out loud.
After the cards, the three of us took her on a walk down to see the new goslings on the lake. They were across the lake from us so we only saw them from a distance. It was a beautiful day and she seemed to like being outside. Ray pointed out some flowers for her to see and she was happy to see them. She tried to name them, but couldn’t come up with the names. She felt them for water and was upset that one of them felt too dry. Still worried about if things are getting done at home without her there. Ray assured her that he was watering all the flowers every evening.
After our walk, we sat in the rockers on the porch for a bit. She told us that it takes very little for her to get tired. I told her that the doctor said it would be that way. She didn’t remember that. Brenda came over from across the street with dinner for them. She sat for a while and we talked about therapy some. Louise told us how stupid some of the things they had her do are. For me it was a flashback to Bill’s days saying out stupid therapy was. He was trying to tell her that the tasks she has to do were to help her, but she wasn’t buying it. I so remember having this conversation with him a million times during his therapy. She told us about having to build a tower with blocks to match a picture. I told her that is what I do to help kids read, it is to help visual perception. She was surprised I knew what she was doing. I don’t think I convinced her it was good for her, but I at least made her stop and think about it for a minute.
She was getting tired so we went inside for her to rest. She remembered the laundry, but I beat her to it. I folded it all and as I was walking across the kitchen Bill said, “See mom, Michelle got the laundry done for you.” That was a mistake. She jumped up and grabbed it out of my hands, telling me she still had to iron it all. There was no fighting her on it. I was in her territory and she didn’t like it one bit. So we bowed out graciously promising to come back tomorrow for Mother’s Day. All in all a good day. Still having communication problems, but we are beginning to guess what she means some better I think. That makes it easier for everyone.

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