Louise Update

Louise was still very frustrated that she cannot seem to communicate today when Bill went to visit. She is blaming the doctor. She doesn’t think they are doing anything to help her. She wants to go to “Ray’s house.” All of this is very normal behavior for a head injured person. It is an intensity that does not rest.
When Bill went down today and said she was much the same. At one point, she was talking on the phone to her brother Jim and she cussed because she is so frustrated. You know that is NOT like her so you can feel her irritation. He sat with her for a while and she talked alot about how the doctor isn’t doing anything. We are thinking about taking her dulcimer down and maybe a CD player so she can listen to music. After school is out, I am going to try to get down there and spruce up her room a bit so it will feel more homey. I think that will help her some. I think that she would feel better if she had a couple of her things from home there. Ray took her a lamp from home and it made her very happy to see it. Once school is out, I can get down there more often and see if I can help to figure out something that will soothe her. So far the dogs coming is the highlight of her day. She connects with them because she doesn’t need words. It is all action and petting. Nellie just wags her tail and licks her. It is magical for her to have some sense of communication and the dogs provide that.
Ray called the doctor again today about the tumor and they say it is still at Emory being tested. He asked if it was taking longer than normal and they said no. They really want to be accurate. That is a good thing I guess…we wouldn’t want them to mis-diagnose her.
We are hanging in there. Pray for some of the intensity to ease for her and that she would be able to see her progress and feel her successes. Hopefully time will allow her to see more and the childlike state she is in will pass. Also pray for wisdom for all of us as we navigate this storm. We would also like to get the report back so we know what we are facing. Thank you for keeping up with us. We know you are all out there pulling for us and that thought helps us more than you know.

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