Care Partner

Today Bill had a chance to visit with the Care Partner, a sort of case manager, and there will be another meeting tomorrow with Ray. They will have a chance to ask questions about the treatment, rooms, insurance and any other information they need. It should be a good meeting to get everyone on the same page.
Gail also got a chance to talk with the Care Partner. They had a conversation about Louise’s medicine. Being a nurse, Gail is our family medical interpreter. She was pleased with the medications and felt they were appropriate for her mother’s care. It is difficult for her to be so far away, but Ray felt it was better for her to come once Louise gets home, when she could be of more assistance. She has talked with nurses along the way and is helping us to be better informed about the medical end of things.
No word today on the type of tumor. The doctor’s office said it could be as much as two weeks before they have definite answers. They are doing a culture of some kind that takes some time to grow. Not really sure about it, but they will let us know as soon as they know.
Louise had some physical therapy today and was upset since she doesn’t think she needs it. She jumped up and down and twirled to prove it to her therapist. She wants them to help her on her memory. As far as we know, they didn’t do any memory work today and that will be one of the questions for tomorrow’s meeting. We are sure that keeping her moving will be to her advantage. She has always been active, walking the dogs every day in order to stay healthy, so this will be sure that her activity continues so she will not begin to atrophy. It will also cause better blood flow to her brain, which can help aid healing. If we can just convince her, that it is good things would go more smoothly.
We will find out more tomorrow about what other therapies she will be having. As of now, she is agitated and frustrated with the situation because she does not see progress. This is common for brain trauma patients. Once again, I am reminded of Bill and his similar frustration with his therapy. It is just difficult for them to understand that all of the people are trying to help them. No matter how much you try to explain it, in their minds they are convinced that they know better. They are not thinking clearly. It is similar to dealing with a child in that way. However, time makes a difference. Therapy helps. She will improve. Our prayer is for her to have peace and that her anxiety would lessen. That she would know that we are all for her and that her mind would heal. Pray also for us to have wisdom in her care. We love her and desire the best treatment possible.

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