Another visit

One more visit home for Louise before she starts therapy tomorrow. According to Ray she seems to be getting kinda down as she realizes how much she has lost. The inability to read has really thrown her for a loop. She is mad at the doctor and thinks he didn’t know what he was doing. We try to explain to her what she was struggling with before the surgery. But she can’t seem to remember that she couldn’t remember. She only knows that she is confused now, and that she cannot do as much as before.
She had a roommate that she liked at first. Then at night she became a screamer. Louise just cannot handle that. She walked around the rehab facility until she found a room with no one in it. She asked if she could go in there and they said yes…at least until they put someone in it. I don’t know if they are going to make it her official room or not. If not they will have a hard time getting her to stay in the other room with a roommate.
It is our hope that getting into therapy where she can see progress and have people who know how to work with her better than we do, will help. She needs experts, consistency of routine, and a place where she can devote herself to getting better rather than dividing herself to take care of others. Ray plans to call the doctor tomorrow about the pathology report and talk with the folks that will be working with her at the rehab center. We covet your prayers and appreciate the time you put in on your knees for us. We will let you know how tomorrow goes.

One thought on “Another visit

  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for keeping us updated. Your blog is a great thing for us so far away.
    We are pulling for Louise every minute and hope her recovery will continue to go well.

    Danny, Linda and Elise

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