Regular room

Today Louise was moved to a regular room, but before you all run down to the hospital to see her I need to let you know that would not be to her benefit. Her brain is trying to process her thoughts and she is having trouble with that. So adding more information that would come with visitors would only over-stimulate her brain. She can talk, but not converse. It is all one sided, whatever she wants to talk about. She is also having trouble with anxiety. She is worried about things and people but she cannot always express why, and she has a hard time moving to a new topic when she gets set on one thing. She is easily agitated, sometimes by things we cannot even understand and then frustration sets in. There is a childlike quality that seems to come with brain trauma, and she definitely has that now. All of this is normal for this type of surgery and only time will tell how quickly she will improve. We have been down a similar road when Bill had his head injury and this is all very much like a repeat of that experience. He got better over time and so will she. Time is the thing we need most at the moment…it will bring the greatest healing.
We are encouraged that she is moving quite well physically. She walked some today and physical therapy seems to be going better than expected. To be this far this soon after surgery gives us hope that we will see positive changes every day that will bring her back to us. We feel your love and prayers. Please do not be offended that we have asked for you to stay away at this time. It is what is best for Louise and she is our top priority right now. Feel free to visit with Ray for short periods in the waiting room or just outside her room…he could use the encouragement. Now that she is in a regular room, we will be taking turns staying with her. They say that would be the most calming thing and it is not completely safe for her to be alone. We are not clear on the next steps just yet…taking one day at a time. We will let you know when the time is right for visits. The time will come where we will need your help and support with food and people to sit with her…but now is not that time. Please respect our wishes in this and know that you are very important to our family. Prayers are of utmost importance and we feel that the progress she has made is a direct result of your prayers. Thank you for that and keep it up.

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