Bill and Ray went to see Louise. She was much more tired and less responsive, but it was partially because she had a dose of morphine before they got there. Another reason is that she did two physical therapies today. The first one she sat up on the edge of the bed, the second they moved her to sit in a chair. The funny part is that the nurse stepped out of the room for a minute and when she came back Louise had gotten back in her bed…so movement isn’t a problem for her. That made me smile because it is so like her to go about doing things her way, on her time table.
Tonight she was not as coherent, and basically said yes to any question asked of her. Bill said he was a bit discouraged because the morning visit had gone so well and then tonight she was kind of out of it. We all realize that this is a long process, a marathon of sorts rather than a sprint. There will be ups and downs along the way. The exhaustion born of grief, loss, and trauma is taking its toll on both men. They are up and hopeful for the most part, but after the back and forth to and from the hospital and the hour by hour changes in her countenance it is wearing thin already. So prayer for strength is needed. There are a lot of positives today with some reality mixed in. Time is needed to heal, even though we want it all to be better now. Pray for our patience with the process and that we would be able to be even… and not go up and down emotionally every time she has a bad hour or two. Long term focus is what we need. Peace. Hope. Belief. All of those are things we need now. We appreciate you praying for them as well as healing for Louise.

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