We had a chance to visit Louise tonight in ICU. She was still sleeping pretty soundly from the anesthesia. Her vital signs look good, except her blood pressure was a bit elevated. They put her on medicine for that. It is a common issue after surgery. She reached her arms behind her head to try to adjust her pillow…that is called purposeful movement and it is a good thing. The nurse said that she had said she was cold at one point and another time she said she was thirsty. So she can speak and express her feelings….another good thing. So far the nurse said she had not responded to her requests such as squeeze my hand etc… However, when Bill asked her to open her eyes she tried to do it. She did open them at a couple of points while we were there. She focused them on Bill for a few seconds at one point. She didn’t say anything while we were there, but we felt that everything we saw were good signs. Tomorrow we should be able to tell even more since the anesthesia will be out of her system.
Ray has gone home to sleep in his own bed and care for the dogs. Bill also is spending the night there with him. They plan to go down sometime in the morning to see her again. I will update as I can, however, I will be back at work tomorrow so it will not be as frequent as it was today. Louise had asked that she not have too many visitors. While it would be fine for you to visit Ray in the waiting room, she requested that we allow her time to heal before people begin coming to see her. We will let you know when that time comes because when it does she will need to see familiar faces!!
Again we thank all of you who are praying. Please pray for supernatural rest for all of us tonight after a long emotional day. Pray for Louise that she would have restorative sleep and peaceful dreams. Pray also that she would be able to communicate with us and that God would touch her mind and heal her memory. This is likely to be a long road to recovery so we will continue to let you know how we all are.

One thought on “ICU

  1. Michelle, Thank you so much for these updates- please know that they are
    very appreciated! We have all been following along and are praying intently
    for all of you.

    We send our love and wishes for God’s miraculous hand filled with strength and
    comfort to rest upon Aunt Louise, Uncle Ray, and your whole clan.

    We love you so much!!!
    Please keep the updates rolling!

    (Incidentally, I’ve also had a chance to read a few of your blog posts and
    they are simply a BLESSING!! Thank you for your candid and transparent love
    for God and those of us you share your life with through your blog!)

    Much Love,

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