Good News

The news this morning is good! Ray and Bill went to visit Louise this morning at 10:00. They said she is doing much better. She has the use of all her limbs. She was talking and responding. She knew who they were and seems to be recovering well. She is still somewhat confused when she talks, in that she knows what she is trying to say but cannot get it out necessarily in the right order or so that they can always understand it. She talked on the phone to her brothers. She knows she had surgery and is aware of herself…big step in the right direction.
Ray and Bill were both relieved and encouraged, and said that Louise is definitely still with us. She seems to be herself…just a slightly confused version. A weight lifted off our shoulders today as the worst of our imaginary scenarios was put to rest. She still has a lot of adjusting and recovering to do, there will be deficits but they appear to be manageable. Your prayers are working!!!!

2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Praise God!!!!! <3!!! (…and yes, I know I'm blowing up your "comments"
    field, but I'm sure you don't mind! The more comments, the better, right?!)


  2. Michelle…Glad to hear that Louise is making progress. I plan to be at the hospital Wednesday morning Around 9 a.m….will Ray and Bill be there? Let me know on facebook! Thanks!

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