Here is the news that we have been waiting for…they removed 90% of the tumor. The other 10% was in areas that were too dangerous to remove. The good news is that it is a tumor that arose from within the brain, rather than spread there from somewhere else. That means that it is NOT breast cancer that has spread. We will not know if it is cancerous for at least 7 to 10 days. It seems that the main concern is not so much if it is cancer, as much as how fast growing it is. They grade the tumors and if it is low there will not be any other treatment required other than to watch it. If it is high there will have to be some combination of chemo and radiation. There are many different combinations of treatments and grades of tumor. Our prayer is for low that is the simplest and easiest to treat.
The doctor did not find anything unexpected and that is good news. He did not have to go into any areas that he did not know about. He did, however, have to take some of her memory area. He said that the tumor had infiltrated it and in order to get it out he had to remove some of it. That is our biggest concern. He said that she may be about where she was memory-wise but she could be slightly worse. We will not know that until she wakes up. He also had to go into the brocha area some. This may affect her speech. Again, we will not know until she wakes up. He did not see any reason her motor function to be affected. Her vision and hearing should also be fine. Of course they always give a disclaimer with any kind of brain stuff, but overall he seemed very positive. He felt it was a successful surgery.
Ray is concerned as you can imagine about the memory issue. He is holding up well even though it is very emotional for him. He has had many visitors to occupy his mind and that helped a lot. He is anxious to see her and know that she knows all of us. She has been moved to ICU. We will be allowed to go see her at 8:00 tonight. I will update again after we see her. Prayers appreciated.

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