She’s Back

    All is well.  My girl is back on American soil, no thanks to the storms in Atlanta Friday night.  After, an extended flight that took her to Columbia, SC for the night, Hannah arrived Saturday morning in Atlanta.  She was glad her long travel days were over, but not as glad as I was to see her smiling face.  She has only just begun to tell the tales of her journey.  We got about 1/3 of the way through her pictures last night before she started to fall asleep while talking.  I am awaiting the rest once she has had some time to recover from her jet lag.  Her plan was to go to church this morning, but when I called her she was still asleep…her alarm didn’t go off, either that or she cut it off in her sleep.  Today she is determined to go about a “regular” schedule in order to get reacquainted with US time. 

            Last night we had a home cooked meal as requested right down to the mac and cheese.  Next was a shower and then we made cookies for our snack during the picture presentation.  We have pottery shards from the 1st century and salt balls from the dead sea.  The boys are fighting over the t-shirts and I have a beautiful antique bucket.  When you buy an antique in Jerusalem it is a really old one!  It is perfect in my dining room because it is very old copper with some reddish worn places and some green on it as well.  I love it.  Bill is playing Palestinian folk songs throughout the house.  It feels as if we have been transported to the middle east.  Hannah had a fabulous time and I am excited to hear more as she processes all that she learned.  Thank all of you for your prayers while she was away.  We will be having some type of picture showing event in the future.  I will let you know the details.

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