Peter’s Results

For all that are concerned with Peter’s health, here is the latest…

We went to Scottish Rite for the Endoscopy this morning.  It went well and we have some great pictures of his perfectly healthy insides.  So we ruled out ulcers, polyps, tumors and anything else you could see with your eyes…that’s good news.  He also took some small samples from the esophagus, stomach, and intestine.  Those are sent off for biopsies that will be returned sometime next week.  He says they will show if there is anything on a microscopic level that we cannot see. 

Beyond that, he is starting to think that stress related issues would be next to consider.  He asked if we have had any stressors in our lives lately….ha!  Little did he know what can of worms he was getting into.  For kids that do not express their emotions outwardly, they internalize and that can cause physical symptoms like stomach pain.  This of course is much harder to diagnose and/or treat. 

However, I still feel there is some kind of physical cause that we just have not gotten to yet.  It seems too constant to be stress related to me.  I asked today if it could be lungs or some other system besides digestive.  He felt that if that were the case some of the blood work done at the ER would have shown it…but he also didn’t quite rule it out either.  For now, we are waiting on biopsies to come back and then looking toward stress related issues after that.  If we have another ER visit he said to tell them to do another CT scan WITH contrast…since last time they didn’t use contrast.  He said that would show inflammation anywhere and may give us a clearer picture of the source.  So your continued prayers are much appreciated.

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