The Battle

So, I am watching it snow and thinking how winter and spring are having this battle. It occurs to me that this is the week of the Resurrection.  Once again, God shows us a natural picture of the spiritual world. Last Sunday was the perfect weather for a triumphal entry wasn’t it?  It could not have better…beautiful sun; the temperature was warm but not too warm.  On a day like that, it is easy to believe that anything is possible.  We could take over the world, couldn’t we?  Problems are distant, the birds are singing and all is well.  I don’t know what the weather was like 2,000 years ago, but I bet the disciples had the feeling that they had arrived, as palm branches were thrown at the feet of Jesus. Their spirits lifted by the enthusiastic reception of the Messiah, they rejoiced that their difficult journey was at an end.  Little did they know that winter had one last storm to throw their way.  They did not perceive the change in seasons could happen so suddenly.

The events went terribly wrong then. It was a trap…or it appears so.  How in the world could those same cheering people become the jeering mob in a matter of days? Winter returned and the snow fell, spiritually speaking. The harsh cold returned and within a few short hours had blanketed all of Jerusalem with a coat of bitterness.  It was a battle in full swing.  If we could have seen the heavenly war being waged it would have been something to behold.  The battle to end all battles, literally.  When Jesus breathed his last breath, I think God cried.  There was darkness over the land like a permanent winter.  For three days, it seemed that winter had won, and spring would never again bud into full blossom. 

But God, ( I love those two little words) was not finished yet. Spring returned in all its glory…in a garden of all places.  God was mistaken for a gardener, but I ask you, was that really a mistake?  Didn’t this whole creation begin in a garden?  I think it was appropriate that the women mistook him for a gardener, in fact, I think in that moment they saw a great deal about his character.  He is someone that creates beauty; who nurtures those in his care.  A God that plants, feeds, and waters his own design in order to bring it to its fullness. A patient God who is not in a hurry because he knows the end result will be a masterpiece that is worth the wait…and the sacrifice of his son. All of this we see in a short moment of mistaken identity. Or was it?  Maybe instead, it was a moment of clarity, one of true identity. 

Suddenly, spring breaks forth and eyes open to perceive the nourishment for God’s garden…the risen Messiah.  He stands among us even now. Can you see him?  Spring has won the battle, and despite what winter wants you to believe, the battle is over.  The snow falling on my deck right now is a temporary blip on the screen. The sun (son) will break through and the earth will awake…it is done. I thank God for his pictures that demonstrate his truth.  It is finished.   

One thought on “The Battle

  1. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather, (J. Ruskin)

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