Update on the Update

This is getting old really fast. As you know last Sunday night Peter went to the ER and they found nothing wrong.  On Monday, our family doc took more blood and still it showed nothing wrong.  She referred us to a pediatric gastro specialist and we scheduled the soonest appointment they had…in May.  Our doc said if he had pain again to take him to Scottish Rite ER because that would get the gastro doc he needed faster.

            At 9:00 pm last night, one week from his last ER trip, Peter began having pain again.  This time it was not in his back but had radiated around to his right side.  He took his pain meds and tried to go to sleep.  About 12:30 am he was back up doubled over in the most pain I think he has had yet.  We did what our doctor had suggested and took him down to Scottish Rite.  I was prepared for an appendectomy because it just seemed the pain was now presenting like an appendix.  Again, more tests, just like the ones he had last week. Again, nothing abnormal.  She ruled out appendix because his inflammation rate was normal and so was his white count.

 They gave him a bag of fluid…no change.  They gave him pain meds…no change…not even sleep.  They did an ultra sound…nothing.  Blood work and urine all came back normal.  They called the gastro doc and he prescribed a stomach med.  They put it through his IV and his pain went down considerably.  So, they wrote us a prescription to give him at home and sent us on our way at 9:00 this morning.  We also got our doctors appointment moved up to next week…the soonest they have.  This is frustrating to say the least.  I know something is wrong but no one can find it.  I am encouraged that at least we have found something that seems to point us in one direction or another.  Not to mention we have a specialist now that may be able to help us narrow things down.  I was so convinced when we left here this morning that he would be having surgery…I still think it is most likely his appendix.  We had several trips to the ER before Bill finally had his appendectomy, years ago.  For now, we will go through the protocols but we request your prayers.  Peter is tired of being a pincushion…I can relate to that feeling. For today, sleep is the top priority.  This was a long, long night.  I haven’t been this tired since I was a teenager at a lock in.

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