Peter Update

I wanted to update you on Peter.  Many of you know that he has been suffering this winter with a sinus infection that would not go away.  The good news is that it is finally gone!!! It only took 4 rounds of antibiotics.  However, for the past three weeks he has been having a pain in his abdomen.  It is on the right side on his back right over his kidney.  It has been progressively been getting worse until Sunday night when we ended up in the ER.  They have run a multitude of tests, from blood work, urine, CT scans and ultrasounds.  So far every thing has come up normal, yet he is still in pain.  We go for another dr appointment on Thursday afternoon to see the results of the latest round of blood work.  They have ruled out kidney infection, kidney stones, gall stones and several other things.  All the blood work is normal so there does not appear to be an infection…no fever either.  They do not think it is his appendix, because his white count is not elevated.  Now they have put him on Zantac to make sure it is not his stomach flaring from so many antibiotics.  So far, that has not helped his pain at all.  We are kind of shooting in the dark, trying to eliminate one thing at a time. They are thinking it is viral at this point and want to do another mono test even though the first one came back negative.  If you don’t mind praying when the Lord puts him on your heart we would appreciate it.  Tonight he seems slightly better so I am hoping that the source, whatever it is, is resolving itself.

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