First Night

(I have been without internet for a few days…this is posted from school but I wrote it on Saturday morning.)
    My legs slid into a silky smooth cloud.  Next I was embraced by softness all over my body.  My head sank into the pillow and soon I was relishing every fresh-smelling fiber.  Warmth climbed up my spine to my neck. In my cocoon, I was like the tired hard working caterpillar.  I settled in for my transforming rest in comfort. Sweet sleep overtook me too soon for me to enjoy the moment fully.  Deep sleep.

 In the morning, I awoke and emerged from my cocoon as a well rested butterfly, ready for a new day of flitting from here to there.  The rejuvenating snooze had done its work and life moved on quickly as usual.  I had a spring in my step because I knew that tonight; once again, I would be encased in warm, supple, smoothness.  My mountainous task would be forgotten for a few blissful hours of unconsciousness.  To tear myself away from this piece of heaven is difficult each morning, however, knowing that I will return at the end of the day makes it bearable.  My own bed has never been so welcoming or so appreciated as it is now.  I am home at last. 

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