(Written the day after the election. Our move is really taking a bite out of my writing time!)

Looking off my porch this morning I see that the mountains did not crumble last night.  They are still there and will be no matter who is president.  God is still on the throne.  It is a historic day and despite my disagreements with Obama on the issues, I am blessed to see a black man in the White House.  I know there are many African Americans that did not think they would live to see the day.  For a people to come out of slavery and being treated like animals, to holding the highest office in the land is a worthy accomplishment. 

As far as the election goes, I have to say I am glad it is over.  I tired of seeing and hearing the mess that we call politics.  I have no doubt that politicians on both sides of the isle are corrupt.  I have little to no trust in either party.  It is a sad day when the people cannot believe in the governments’ ability to govern.  I personally do not think that the direction Obama wants to take this country is a good one.   I know there are those that would disagree with me…even within my own family.  Our differences are part of what makes this country such a great one; we are free to disagree.

There is a confluence of events that have brought our people to this place.  The economy, the war, and the energy crisis are just scratching the surface.  I find it strange that we are so disillusioned with the government, but we elect a man that would like for the government to run everything.  It seems so foreign to me that we, as a people, would not be able to see this runs contrary to what we say we want as Americans.  We want independence, yet we will be, at least for the next four years be increasing our DEPENDENCE on the government.

I am simply looking back in history to see where we are headed and it is not good.  I think if you look back you will see a similar mindset in
Germany after World War I. ( I know, I know…hear me out…I promise I am not going to call Obama the AntiChrist.  In fact, I want to remove religion and race from the table altogether for a moment.  Those two things simply polarize the people and cloud the issues.)  Back to history, the German people were down after the war.  Their economy was in the tank.  Sound familiar.  Hitler was a young charismatic leader with a vision for change.  The people were primed and ready for something they could get excited about to the point, and this is the dangerous part, that they gave away their freedoms.  They didn’t realize that is what they were doing at the time, because it was a gradual shift of mind.  I am NOT saying that Obama is like Hitler…that is not my point so please do not think that I am making that comparison. 

My comparison is that our people and the German people were in a similar mindset.  My point is that the Germans did not recognize what they were doing.  They got caught up in the moment and charisma because they wanted out of their present circumstances.  I just think we are in the same place in many ways.  I do not think that Obama is a crazed madman like Hitler was, but I do think his ideas should cause us to pause and wonder where they will lead us in the future.  That is all I am saying.  Think about what we are doing rather than following a pretty face blindly.  You have a right to your opinions.  I have a right to mine.  Will it stay that way?  We will see. 

If you look further back, to the children of Israel, you will see that they wanted a king.  None of this trusting God to take care of us stuff, they wanted a flesh and blood man to rule and reign.  God gave them what they wanted.  They picked the most handsome, strongest man they could find and he was God’s choice for them. His kingdom started out well and the people were happy.  But keep reading.  Saul became one of the most corrupt kings in history.   Things ended very badly for the people; sheep following their leader off of a cliff.

America wants a king.  We have been sliding in that direction for years.  Slowly fading and giving up our hearts to candidates on both sides of the isle.  I must say that the church hasn’t helped matters.  We do not put our trust in God…we hope the right officials in the right places will do the trick.  We have put our trust in our government to do our work for us.  Why else do you think the welfare system was created?  Men will fail…always.  Systems will fail…always.  We can point fingers at Bush or Clinton until we die. We can say it is the right or the left that is the problem…or those crazy Christians or those lost people… It has gone on for ages before us, and will go on years after we are gone.  It is human to defer the blame for our own condition to others.  It is “normal” to translate our own bitterness of heart to finding fault.  That is why Christ was so radically different.  He said examine your own heart; beware of bitterness for it is poison to your soul.  He said, take up your cross and follow me.  In other words, point to yourself.  Quit blaming others and fall on your knees in humility of heart.  Throw yourself at the foot of the cross…it is only there that you will finally find your true king.

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