An Angel

        I have the most wonderful cleaning lady.  I hesitate to call her a cleaning lady because she has become a good friend to me over the past year.  Today I came home to my box filled home and she had done wonders.  When I called her this week I told her I didn’t know if I was ready for her to come or not…I mean there are only so many things other people can do right now.  No one but us knows where our stuff goes so it is kind of hard for people to help.  Many have asked but I just don’t even know what to tell them to do. 
      So my friend, and cleaning lady, Gail came over today and worked like a trojan while I was at work.  I gave her a list of two or three things I thought she could get done for me.  I came home to a transformed house.  She unpacked some boxes so all I have to do is put things away.  She cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen, sorted shoes, hauled stuff that I had put aside to the thrift store.  She is a great blessing to me sent by God…I am sure she is an angel.  If you need someone to clean for you I would highly recommend her.       
       Her passion is to see you rest in your home.  She knows, as a woman, what we would like our homes to be like.  She motivates me by doing the everyday cleaning so that I can concentrate on closets and drawers.  You know the places that you never clean because you are so busy doing the other million things.  In fact, we had totally cleaned out my basement BEFORE the fire.  If we hadn’t already hauled so much stuff away we might not have a house left…it would have been fuel for the fire!  Seriously, I had gone through all the closets and systematically disposed of tons of junk.  It was difficult to watch all my hard work go up in flames…but it has made the inventory soooo much easier to know exactly what I had down there.
       Many people are cutting back right now.  One of the first things to go is the cleaning lady.  I would never give her up…I will sacrafice other stuff before I would give her up…food even…maybe we could wear sweaters inside this winter, just don’t take my cleaning lady from me.  She has given me hope that my house can be as clean as I would like.  That makes my mind happy…and my heart too.  It feels good to be in a clean house…my house.

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