Looking Up

         Things are looking up. We are moving forward on getting back into our house. I have always been so appreciative that God provided us with our home, but now I have even more gratefulness in my heart. To sleep in my OWN bed, to have long sleeved clothing, to cook in a full kitchen…heaven. We still need to shop for furniture. I got the paperwork and it is a mountain. It will take months to sort through and get everything, so for now, I am concentrating on the beds we need to sleep in and the couch for the play room. I think I have found possible replacements…now to find time to go and purchase…maybe this weekend. Today our furniture that was not ruined is going to be cleaned and put back where it goes. We have power. We have water. Almost there.
       The analogy? Well I am sure that it has something to do with being settled in your heart. Your sin has been removed. The foundational stuff ripped out and replaced. The cosmetic surfaces are clean because the core is clean. All is new. Now to settle in and be comfortable in your new place. I don’t mean settle like apathetic or lazy. I mean to be comfortable in your new skin. When God does a deep work it takes years…in fact, I believe we are never fully finished. However, when he does a major renovation in your life, you have to adjust to the new you. You are freed from the past. The smelly smoke is gone. Now to find a way to live there and to stay there, that is the secret of being content.
       Our tendency is to strive. We want it all done today. I am in that mode at this very moment. I am almost willing to settle for whatever I find just so I won’t have to go to another store! But, I have time. The insurance has given me two years to finish replacing stuff. I think in life it is the same. We rush around trying to “finish the work” yet the word says that it’s God’s job…his timing. So resting and being content with the work he has already done is enough. Enjoying the new you and thinking carefully about how to enhance your new heart, are the only requirements. The constant pushing has to cease so you can be at peace with the resurrection work that has been done. Your heart is NEW…what an amazing gift that is! Don’t let the rush of the day and the speed of life steal that precious nugget of truth from you. Reflect on the new you DAILY with a grateful heart and you will find that God loves to be appreciated. He loves to be loved with a clean heart.

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