I have two friends that have just had their worlds turned upside down.  Both are about to loose husbands in very different ways unless the miraculous happens.  The first woman learned that her husband’s cancer has taken over his body completely.  It has spread like weeds digging in its roots in every bodily system.  She went home from work knowing that they will be telling the kids this weekend that their daddy will die very soon.  In the community our hearts are broken for her.  There is sorrow, but there is also compassion as money is collected and meals taken.

The other women lost her husband to greed.  He disappeared taking millions from his company and investors with him.  His sin spread, gradually taking over his entire life until one day last week when he gave in.  She too had to explain to her children that their father will not be coming back.  She lost everything and is alone to face the enormity of a federal investigation into her family’s personal life which includes the many secrets of her husband.  In the community our hearts are broken for her.  There has been prayer and support while she has moved from her home and tried to find a job very quickly.  Many have come to her aid.

However, many have made use of the rumor mill by way of the internet.  They have questioned online in a public forum details of her life in the midst of this trauma.  There are things being said that are not true and questions being asked that are nobody’s business. I am aware that many people were hurt when he took the money and ran, but does that justify dragging this woman through the mud?  Not knowing any of the details of her husbands’ business affairs, she is facing this monstrous challenge all on her own, while she sells all that they had.  It is my prayer that people will consider how they would want to be treated it such a situation.

Two women.  Two very different reactions from the community.  Grief comes into our lives in numerous ways.  The results of our grief depend on if we choose to be bitter or if we choose to allow God do his work in the midst of our pain.  It is a very intimate and personal process when your life is ripped open. Many times the ripples affect everyone around you and then spread even further…because God doesn’t work in isolation.  Trust me he is working in both women’s lives.  But he is also working in the community and teaching us how to love others and have compassion for them. Let’s let him soften our hearts and teach us to care for our sisters as we would want to be cared for.  After all, we are his hands and feet.   

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