Family Update

Today I wanted to update you on our family events…

My mom is recovering well from her hysterectmy.  All of her pathology looked good.  She is progressing and well on her way to recovery.  That is a blessing to me.

My grandmother has been placed with hospice.  We knew it was coming but the timing is difficult.  Yesterday the doctors said she may have a week or 10 days.  This is hard for all of us.  I think we didn’t realize how soon things would come to the end.  I am particularly concerned about my dad.  He has been so busy with me and my mom I don’t think he saw this coming.  Prayers are welcome for us all.

Bill’s mom is having her last radiation treatment tomorrow!!  Yeah.  At least one part of this story is coming full circle.

Peter has oral surgery tomorrow.  He is having six teeth removed because they are fused to the bone!  I told him he could come home and hang out with me and we will recover together.

My next dressing changing is Friday morning.  I am keeping my hope that it will go as smoothly as last time.  I would still like to be finished with this incision but I am willing to walk through it now.

I am blessed by all of my supporters…please continue to pray as the Lord leads you.  It seems to me that even in my resting place I am busy…how can that be?  I guess it shows you that life keeps moving even when you are standing still.

3 thoughts on “Family Update

  1. I love your comments about the dressing change and I am oh so grateful someone coated something to make the removal of the bandages easier for you. My prayer is that same attentive attention will walk through the door again this Friday, that the very best attention to detail will be delivered to you, and that the experience, tho on going, will continue to become more and more managable, like the very last bandaid we have to deal with on a big bad wound….remember the first one coming off is a killer, but the last one, we almost don’t notice it because of all the healing. So may God rush healing to this wound and continue to bring you closer and closer to closure!!! (That’s sounds almost poetic)
    p.s. thanks for sharing about your family and where they are in all of their things. We will pray especially for MIKE! You know me, I am a descriptive writer, I like to hear about the surrounds of one’s life and the people and their stories around you too. It gives such a full picture to frame the deeper words you carry. We all love those certain authors that touch us and when they open up and share their lives with us, I love that part too!

  2. Jessica, Thanks for the prayers. Though things are tense right now with my grandmothers conditon all of us are pretty much of the mind that God is in control and he knows the timing of all of this. Mom said the other day that he is not surprised even though we are.

  3. Oops…did you see my photos? Look in the side bar and click on a view from the chair…you will recognize these pics. 🙂

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