I am tired

Today I am tired.  I don’t know why it seems so hard to get up but I am struggling.  I still have quite a bit of pain because of the reaction to the tape and it is annoying and uncomfortable.  I have good days and bad ones.  Today was a sad one for some reason.  Bill thought I needed to get out of the house so he took me out for dinner.  It was nice and I was able to perk up.  It just seems like this is taking forever…it feels like it has been months since I got this vac and longer than that since I had my surgery.  It has only been a couple of weeks and I have so much more stuff to go through.  I wonder today if I have it in me.  My energy is so low already…and tomorrow the nurse comes again.

Update: Peter’s surgery went well.  He is sore and will be home for a couple of days but his teeth came out easily with only a few stitches needed.  It was good to snuggle up and nap together today.  That was the good part of the day 🙂

Also check out my pictures.  Look at the sidebar where it says albums…a view from my chair.  I can’t figure out how to post the titles of the pictures…I am still finding my way around.

3 thoughts on “I am tired

  1. Ha I LOVE the pictures, and there they are! You are SO on your way with this blog space…
    I think you said it best, “there are good days and there are bad days”… This is a journey and every day will have it’s challenges. Get some good sleep and I bet you will feel better after the bandage is changed.
    You are amazing! hang in there, you DO have it in you, you are just very tired right now…You have God in you…

  2. The pics are great…that day will live in my heart for a long time…I think God had something for ALL of us that day….When all of this is over I’ll fill you in on the Great thing He had for me… cause it just aint about me! 🙂
    I’m so glad Peter is doing well…snuggling is such a comforting thing…better than hot chocolate! I know your tired Sweet One…but how awesome that God has given you children with energy and life…you need to draw from that for awhile…it will make them feel needed in this hard time…right now, just like you, they feel like they have no control…(the reality is that they don’t) but it would give them such comfort to know that they’re comforting you…sharing their energy…God made us electric…let those little electric charges from your babies conduct themselves right into your tired little body…it’s not mystic…it’s just fact…there is such power in “touch”…let your babies touch you as often as possible…remember the woman with the issue of blood…power went from Christ to her…through “touch”…let the Christ in your babies flow to you…hold Peter and let him read to you…he wants to touch you…I remember when I was little, my Mother was holding me at a huge family event (we’re Italian…I’m talking huge)…there were so many people around talking, singing…loud voices…confusion for a little girl…I went to my mom and she held me while she was talking with all my Aunts…I put my head against her breast and could hear her heart beat…it was like I was in a world all my own…I could hear everyone else around me but the sound was muffled by the sound of my Mother’s heart…your babies need to hear your heart…it will muffle everything around them and make them feel safe and secure…You need to hear their hearts too…it will bring you such peace….I love you….

  3. I’m hoping all went well for you today…and for your Grandparents….been praying for all of you today….I’ll call soon.

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