They will know us by our love. By our fruit. If nothing else, the current climate in our country of division and bitterness reveals what’s in my heart. I must admit it isn’t all love. Or peace. Or even kindness. Gentleness is out too. If I list out all of the fruits of the spirit, I’m not sure how many I can check off the list. That gives me cause to pause. Reflect. Consider. What am I putting into my spirit these days? Is it producing the fruit I want in my life? What if the current situation is specifically for us to learn to love? What if loving in volatile environments is important enough that a pressure cooker is required?  When I am under pressure what spills out tells the true story of what is inside. Ah, don’t you just love uncomfortable questions and ponderings.

The good news is it isn’t too late to return to love. It is why the babe came in the first place. It is why he calls to us still. Especially now.

Come to me. Sit with me. Let me fill you with my fruit. Give me your heart to hold. I promise you can trust me. I will not let it be crushed if you give it to me. I am the healer. I put pieces back together. It is why I sent my son, and my spirit to inhabit you. To remove the taint of the darkness in which you reside. It is so much better to live in my light! Come and let me show you!

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