Love Wins

Love wins. Always. We cannot always see how, so it requires trust. Trust in love. These days, love is not always evident in our world, but it is always behind the scenes. Doing its work. Like the sovereignty of God. Always active. Always operational. Always eternally focused.

Our vision is so limited. Our eyes can only see our lifetimes, which seem to us ages long. We see what is right in front of us. What is happening on social media. Or the news. Or on tv. While all the voices are shouting at us, love whispers. The trick is in the listening. It is easy to hear the loud voices. Much harder to hear the whisper.

You have to still yourself. The frantic pace of our lives doesn’t allow for it often. Making space for love to speak is an intentional quest. The still small voice is real, if only we can close out the external noise. Quieting ourselves. Waiting. Listening.

Love was born for this.

Listen. You can hear my love in the heartbeat of a baby. In each breath you take. In the quiet of a starry night. Make room for it. The innkeeper didn’t have room. Do you? Is there a space somewhere in your life for my love? Let me give it to you. In this season, you can trust love. I am always expressing it. Look and you will see.

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