Everlasting Peace

There is more to peace than the absence of war. Though the absence of war is certainly something we all wish for, peacetime can still be filled with turmoil. The anxiety we currently feel in our country is but one example. There is something to be said for peace of mind in addition to cessation of conflict. Freedom from disturbance. Tranquility.

The mental battle we feel within ourselves isn’t peace. The conflict among family members isn’t peace. The unrest of our hearts when we are grieving isn’t peace. The battlefield of our minds is where so much of the confusion and turbulence resides. We live with it. We don’t even recognize it is stealing our peace. Internal anxiety. Apprehension.

Living with uneasiness, as if it is the normal state of affairs, becomes a part of us. Then the external division, that is shouting at us from every media source, mixes with our internal worry and it is a recipe for sleepless nights and harsh fragmented days. Our mental peace is threatened. Brokenness of mind and heart is the result.

Advent is a season to remember where true peace comes from. It seems we have forgotten. It is the peace of God which guards us. It brings stability in unstable times. Preparing the way of the Lord begins with allowing him to usher in true peace.

My peace is with you. Peace I give you, not as the world gives. I did not send a spirit of confusion, nor a spirit of war among you. That is not my doing. Be aware of whose voice you are listening to. I do not send anxiety. I do not feed worry. My ways are tranquil and serene. If you feel otherwise, you are following someone other than me. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid. My peace is everlasting. Follow it.  

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