Joseph’s Peace

I can’t believe it. Mary, with child! How could she? And such a story she made up to cover her choices! My heart pounds and my mind races with the consequences. My betrothed. My beloved. People will assume I am the father, but I am not. How to handle such a situation? To call her out means death by stoning, and though I am angry, I do not wish death for her. To take her as my wife anyway means living a lie, something I cannot do. It seems my only option is to send her away quietly. To let her go and live her life elsewhere. My mind is racing with options and possibilities. There is no rest to my thoughts. Sleep will not come, though I could not be wearier. She is so sure of her story, but it is so far-fetched…I am fading…finally sleep falls over my eyes and takes me.

In my dreams, an angel comes to me. Confirms everything Mary has said. I feel bad it required divine intervention for me to believe her. But now that I know, it is settled within me. I will take Mary as my wife. I will protect her. We will be the parents to God’s son. What favor to be given such a task! But, I know it will not be easy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t require an angel’s decree to assure us. We will have his words on the days ahead, when we doubt. We will be able to talk about what God has done.

In my mind, the confusion turns to peace. Peace which washes over me and calms my racing heart. Peace that this son of God’s will somehow keep us safe from the possibilities of the law’s harsh requirements. The secret of God we are keeping, will bring his peace on Earth. Even now, I feel it, which I cannot explain. The fear has dissipated, a new hope has come, and with the anticipation of the birth…peace.

My peace is not as the world gives. It is internal. It is spirit. It is deep within my heart, and I gladly share it with you. When you feel the agitated world around you, waves and waves of turmoil, find me. I am on the water, commanding, ‘Peace. Be still’ to your heart. I can calm your anxieties. I can soothe your thoughts. No matter what is happening, I am still the Prince of Peace.

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