The Days of Advent

The days of advent are upon us. A liturgical season to which I never paid much attention until recently. A season of waiting. A season of anticipation. A season of light in the darkness. There is certainly enough darkness these days to have me looking for some light. It seems overwhelming sometimes, the heaviness of our days. Yet, there is hope. Hope that God has not abandoned us. Hope that we have a future. Hope that he is coming. The word advent itself means “the coming”. I look for his coming; in the sky or in my heart is no different. I wait. I long for. I attune my mind and heart to his voice. He is near. As near as my breath. Not far away, watching from a distance. No, he is here beside me. With me, in the uncertain times. In the division. In the hardship. In the turmoil that is our world. He breathes his breath into me. He keeps my heart beating. I both anticipate his coming and rejoice he has come. I turn my face towards him instead of the world around me. I use advent as a time for reflection. A time to sit quietly, in the midst of a storm of activity. A time of hope.

Sit with me, My Child. Wait on my words to you. Breathe in deeply of my presence. I have come, I am coming, and I am here. I live in all tenses…past, present, and future. Waiting on me is possible in all three. Hearing my voice is possible in all three. Your hope is grounded in my promises. I cannot forget them, I can only fulfill them. In my time, in my way, but you have my assurance they will come to pass. The assurance of things hoped for but not yet seen. You have my word on those promises. My word is your hope. Solid. Steadfast. Never wavering. Light your candle, Dear One. Let it shine hope out into the world. One light splits the darkness. One spark changes everything. You are my spark. Shine today.

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