Puddles on Your Pillow

He gives them security, and they are supported, and His eyes are upon their ways. ~Job 24:3

I see you washing your tears down the drain in the shower. I see the puddles on your pillow. I see you swallow hard and smile when someone asks you again about your situation, whatever it is. I see you hold your chin firm when they whisper behind your back, thinking you cannot hear them. I see you on the mornings you struggle to get out of bed because the pain of the body or emotions is too great. I see you squeezing pennies together to try to make it. I see you caring for those in your life beyond your strength to do so. I see every grimace, tear, and every time you grit your teeth.

I see YOU. Not the circumstance in which you are living. I see YOU. Not the reputation. Not the details of your loss. Not the ongoing saga. YOU are My beloved. YOU are My precious child.

I SEE you. My eyes are open to your heart. I SEE you. The internal struggle with which you wrestle daily.  I SEE you. The ongoing sadness. The hardship of living in pain. I SEE the parts of you, you think no one knows about. You are not alone. You are never alone.

You are so strong, yet you feel weak. You don’t know how much longer you can go on, but you do. Every day. You continue forward. You do what has to be done. You put one foot in front of the other. I see you. Today I simply want you to know, you are seen. Not forgotten or forsaken. Seen.

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