Buy One/Give One

Tomorrow is my second book signing and I am so excited to be coming to the Gwinnett area!  I also have a big announcement…I am having a Buy One/Give One sale.  Here is how it works, if you buy a book at full price for yourself, I will give you half off a second book to give to a friend.  It’s a win-win-win. That’s two books for $22.50!!  They will be available while supplies last, so come early to make sure you can get yours. I take venmo, checks and cash, only…no credit cards. I will have the missing pages with me, so you can get a copy to add to your book if you have already purchased and they will be added to all the books I have for sale, that way you do not miss one day of encouragement!

Here’s the place. It’s a cute little free trade coffee shop called Trade Wind Coffee Co.  Here’s their site.  I have a spot in their Boardroom in the back from 11:00- 2:00.  Follow the signs and of course, I’m open to the public, so bring your friends.

If you need their address for your GPS, here you go!

2300 Liam Ave. #200 ~ Dacula Ga. 30019 ~ 770-864-1171

Hope to see you all tomorrow!!

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