Can I Ask You a Favor?

Can I ask you a favor? If you are reading my book, could you share your thoughts with me?  To ask you this question makes me nervous because this book is my baby. The comparison between writing a book and childbirth has been used before, and I can tell you it is an accurate association. The joy of the beginning. The excitement of the idea of being an author. The unknown hours of daily effort to be put in. The heaviness and work of moving forward each day. The days when quitting is desired but not an actual option. Then the labor of finishing. Hard labor. The anger and frustration of transition. The pain of formatting and grammar correction. Actual nausea and physical writhing. The who-cares-if-it’s-right-just-publish-it-already attitude. Just get it out of me!

Then, when you hold that beautiful baby, you forget all the pain and effort. You know the baby is not perfect to everyone, but it is perfect to you. It is an accomplishment and though you are exhausted, you are thrilled that the delivery is complete.

Now I am sending my baby out into the world, and I want to know, was all the work worth it? Is it hitting the mark? Is its purpose being fulfilled? And so, I ask you, my readers, what do you think? I don’t need to know every day or every page, but could you share with me the memorable moments? Would you send me a message, comment, or some expression of how these words I labored over are impacting your heart?  I would be ever so grateful do know, if on your weary days, the words are quenching your thirst.  You can comment on my blog, email or text, send me a private message, write a review, or send a note on my wall…whatever way works for you. I want to know…before the next baby comes.   

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