Excerpt 2

And He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~Exodus 33:14

Dear One, I don’t think you know your own strength.  The daily burden takes up so much of your life you cannot look up long enough to recognize the power you have.  Your feet trudge along, step by step.  If you look up you will see the wide-open sky over you.  The clouds have no hindrances.  They float and move seemingly at will.  Sometimes it appears they are dancing.  Others they hang lazily barely moving at all.  It looks like they are moving on their own, but the reality is they are subject to the wind. The wind carries them.  Just as I carry you.  Can you feel me lifting you up?  Or do you feel your weakness so heavily that My wind rushes past?

I have a secret to tell you.  Your weakness is your strength.  I know it is counterintuitive, but it is the truth.  You see, My Child, your time enduring hardship has stripped you of bravado.  It has taken pride from you and replaced it with humility.  The days you can barely lift your head are the days I have carried you.  In your inability, My ability rises.  In your heartache, My joy slips through the cracks into your broken heart. Do not fret.  Do not fall prey to the hopelessness. Look up.

You walk in My power alone.  My presence goes with you.  I hover over the face of the deep places in your heart.  I infuse you with hope.  I fill you with compassion.  Wipe your tears, Beloved.  You are courageous.  Each day requires you to be brave.  You are a powerful warrior.  A secret weapon of mine.  Do not worry that you do not have a place on a stage.  Do not think that your life has made you invisible.  You are not invisible to me.  I SEE you.  I KNOW you.  There may not be a platform for you now, but there is a place for you.  A place where your sweetness overflows to others.  A place where you dwell in wisdom.  A place where you sit and hold space for those, who like you, feel discarded.

Here is another secret…you are My invisible army.  Invisible in the natural, but giants in the spirit.  You are seen and feared.  There is no hiding your strength in the realm of the unseen.  Do not allow this world to worry you.  The spiritual realm is more real than anything on this earth ever will be.  One day you will know this to be true.  For now, trust me when I say you are a force to be reckoned with.  What you perceive as weakness is the very thing which makes you dangerous to the enemy.  He wants you to feel stuck, when in reality, the depth of your burden puts you in the most dangerous place to him…at My feet.

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