Why is it we are so quick to accuse each other?  I don’t remember it always being this way.  It seems we have turned into a people who would rather tear each other apart than to be kind to one another.  Honestly, it scares me worse than the virus.

Since all athletic competitions are on hold, pointing fingers is the new national sport.  We have a team of armchair experts who sit at home and access the decisions of the country from our couches. We are on one team or the other and we cheer or jeer depending on what play has been made. We yell our commentary at the TV or post it to social media, and our allegiance to our team comes before what is actually happening on the field. We are loyal, super fans, if you will.  Nothing will ever be our team’s fault and the rivalry stands above all else.


Accusation is at the core of the contest. The word means the act of making a charge or claim of wrongdoing.  It comes from the Latin root accusare which means to ‘call into account’. In the match between right and wrong, we always believe we are on the side of right.  If the facts dispute that in any way, we make up new ones that fit our team’s narrative. It is our job to call the others into account for their actions. Just like in other sports, we will die for our team.  We are passionate fanatics.  Our enthusiasm is contagious and spreads…well, like a virus.

But, this is not the healthy kind of challenge that brings out the best in each other.  In fact, it has become toxic and caused our country to be divided in deeper ways than ever before.  Instead of coming together, we stand opposed to each other and dig our heels in, come hell or high water.  Criticizing, condemning, and judging each other, all stem from one thing.


In spiritual things, there is one who accuses us before the throne of God day and night. The Accuser of the Brethren uses allegations and charges to condemn.  The Bible is clear that he is continuously speaking against us and calling our actions into account to God’s ears.  His strategy is simple, point out our wrongdoing and how we do not deserve grace.

So, how does the accuser get into the throne room, anyway? Have you ever wondered about that?  Did you even know that Satan goes before God as a prosecutor?  Presenting evidence against us, some of it twisted, but most of it true?  How does this vile evil creature come before a holy God and rip apart his valued children?

On our lips.

We open the door and bring him in with our accusations of each other. Otherwise, he would never have access to the throne. When we throw our words around, they are like prayers because, as God’s children, we always have his ear. We are encouraged to enter the throne room boldly. So, when we accuse each other brashly, we are doing the work of the Accuser. He simply waits for us to pour out our poison and then he surfs on the waves of filth right into the throne room.  We make it easy for him.

Rather than paying careful attention to how we talk/post, and speaking to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs as we are commanded, we do the opposite. We walk as unwise rather than wise.  We have forgotten to give thanks to God for each other. Therefore, our hearts have forgotten how to sing and make music, instead we have become a noisy gong and a clanging cymbal, because we have not love. If we don’t have love, we have nothing.

We have been given the gift of this unprecedented time. To take stock.  To seek humility.  To come together in our hearts.  To be kind. To show love. To speak encouragement.  We have begrudgingly opened the gift.  Now the question is what are we going to do with it?  Complain about it?  Whine? Criticize?  As sons and daughters of God, we have the power to open the doors of heaven, but if we don’t carry love inside, the only thing left to take in is…accusation.


3 thoughts on “Accusation

  1. A dear friend, Ann (I’d have to ask her permission to use her last name in a post) – so, just my friend, “Ann” always says:
    When pointing my finger at others, there are three fingers pointing back at me!
    Thanks, again, for a great blog.

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