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I went to a party this weekend.  It was a gathering of family I hadn’t met yet.  Have you ever had those kinds of encounters, where you meet people and you know you belong together?  It just feels as if you were cut from the same cloth.  It happened like that at a celebration of my nephew and his bride to be.  Our extended families came together and it was as if we had known each other forever.  Conversation flowed freely.  Laughter was heard in every room.  Hearts were shared and joined.  A bond was created.  In a few short days, we will officially all be family, but it seems to me we have already been and the ceremony is just a formality.

In the course of the evening, I met some family who are also fans of my writing.  They made me blush with their compliments.  I asked them if they got my writing regularly and found that it mainly comes to them through re-postings from other folks.  I can’t remember the last time I told anyone how to follow me, therefore I decided to write this blog, just in case you wanted to know.

My blog is  When you go there, if you hover around the bottom righthand corner, there is a follow button.  Click the word Follow and a box will pop up asking for your email address.  Put it in and then hit the Sign Me Up button to subscribe.  Every time I post you will get an email.  That way you won’t miss any blogs that do not get reposted.

You will find, if you don’t already know, I write about numerous topics.  My blog is how I process my life.  If you want to read a specific topic, scroll to the bottom of the page.  There is a category window where you will find a drop-down menu with all the categories and how many blogs are in each one.  Pick and choose what you want to read about.  If you have a particular blog you remember, you can search by the title, or a keyword.  Just use the search window, which you will find just above the category window.

I have other ways you can follow me as well. I have a writer’s Facebook page called Michelle’s Mosaic.  I post all my blogs there, so you can find them without having to scroll through all my personal stuff on my regular Facebook page. My tutoring business, MG Educational Solutions has its own Facebook page, which sends you to my webpage, where I have educational articles. However, I post everything on my Michelle’s mosaic blog, so it is a one stop shop.

I have a twitter account @mgunnin4 where I tweet whenever I post something new.  I have an Instagram account but I don’t know how to post articles on it.  (Honestly, I could use some help on all the social media.  I am a writer, not an IT person…so if anyone wants to volunteer to help me out, I’d totally be up for pointers.)

You may not know, but I have a book, called The Nature of God.  I am inspired by creation. This book is a compilation of the nature writings I did while I was going through chemo for ovarian and uterine cancers.  I created it as a Christmas gift for my dad that year.  It features his photographs, along with my words. You can find it here. The Nature of God

I am currently working on two more books.  One is the story of my husband Bill’s TBI, (traumatic brain injury) from my perspective as caregiver, and his perspective as the survivor.  The other is a year-long devotional book for those who are weary.  Once they are published I will let you know how to find them.

Wow.  This is a lot of information.   If you like what you read, it always helps me if you like, repost, and comment. Make sure if you comment on the blog page you enter your name, otherwise it posts from anonymous and I wonder who to thank.  Feel free to follow me any or all of these ways! 

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