Life is in the Blood

I just woke up, in my African room, from a dream…one of my former students was in the hospital for some medicine. This particular student had significant trauma in her life while I was her teacher. In the dream, I was the one giving the meds directly into her vein. (I assure you this was a dream, because in real life I would never attempt to do such a thing!) When she arrived, I first showed her how to take her blood pressure, how to listen for her heartbeat.  Then I nervously put the needle into the vein.  I missed the first time and had to do it again.  The second time, I managed to get a smaller needle in, and was ready to pump the medicine into her, when a nurse came in and said that her blood test showed she was well, and didn’t need the medicine anymore.  We all did a happy dance.  Her mom told me she was so glad I was there to treat her. I told the mom, I am happy I was here for her, but I am a teacher not a nurse.  I am happy being a teacher.

I woke up from this dream knowing the medicine I was giving her was knowledge.  In her traumatic situation she needed acute care. She needed someone who could show her that her heart was still beating despite her circumstances. She needed someone who could give her knowledge directly into the life source. Someone who did the procedure with love and compassion, even if they didn’t know all the technical aspects. The good news was her doctor had chosen the right treatment and she was healed. She no longer needed me to give her the medicine directly.

The application of this dream is pretty obvious as I sit in my bed typing.  I am minutes from getting up and ready to go teach teachers how to reach their students.  They are students with significant trauma, who need the life-giving medicine of knowledge. Educational knowledge of the head for sure, but also the spiritual knowledge of the heart. God is the doctor who prescribed the medicine.  He sent teachers into this situation to offer treatment.  We are out of our comfort zone, but we know the medicine prescribed by the Healer will work. We are not the expected ones to be in this circumstance and we don’t know all the technical procedures for everything in this environment.  However, we know what the physician prescribed will work when done in love and care.  The girl in my dream survived her trauma and grew up in real life to be a healthy adult. The disease of trauma and heartache was rendered powerless to destroy her, by the medicine. Head knowledge that leads to heart knowledge is the protocol here.  It is why we came.  Today we will go and continue treatment by teaching the teachers how to do what they do not know, to save the lives of children.  Pray for us to be able to break through to bring the healing of the Great Physician.

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