A Gift

Tidbits for Teachers are regular SHORT inspirations to bring hope and encouragement to teachers in all settings.  I hope to give you a shot in the arm and remind you why you chose this career in the first place.


The parties are over.  As you wade through the crumpled up paper, the crunched up candy canes, and the crumbs of celebration food of all kinds, take a moment in the quiet of the post-Christmas-party haze to consider the impact you are having on the future.  Pray over each student, as you move desks to the side so the cleaning crew can do the floors. Take into consideration their families, their personalities, their quirks, their strengths, and all that makes them who they are.  Include yourself in that list because you have a greater impact than you know.  You help to shape them.  You teach them not only content, but how to care for one another, how to communicate, and to persevere.  You model the way to treat others just as much as you model math arrays, or graphic organizers.  You inspire, motivate, and encourage.  You are a gift to them, not just at Christmas, but for the whole year.  So as you prepare your silent room for the much needed break, be thankful for your students, but know that they are also thankful for you.  Now for the rest of the day, get to work on those report cards and lesson plans for when you get back. Then go home, kick back and really ENJOY your holidays…you deserve it!

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