An Election Prayer

praying 911

Father God,

I come to you on my knees.  I thank you for who you are.  The God that breathes stars into existence. The God who says ‘let there be light’ and the universe is formed, and continues to expand, because you never said for it to stop.  The God who formed planets, and designed galaxies.  The God who created the sea, the land, and all the creatures who inhabit the Earth.  Your mind is beyond my comprehension.  Your creative power overwhelming.  I am too small to grasp all that you are.  I cannot scratch the surface of your ability to be love.  I am but a speck of dust, a speck who you love…fiercely.  For that I am ever so grateful.  I am humbled that you call me by name when there are, literally, trillions of other names you call as well.  It is too much for me to comprehend.

Help me to remember just who you are and how enormous your reach.  I thank you for all the glory you display. In all the galaxies, and systems, Earth is a tiny blue dot…a grain of sand.  That this seemingly insignificant place has your attention, is beyond me.  How I have captured your heart is astounding.  The fact that the creator of the universe made himself small in order to be with me is mind-blowing.

When I think of all of this, so much of what I worry over seems insignificant.  The things that cloud my mind are but mist that dissipates when I look at the reality of you.  As if you do not know or care about these peace-stealing thoughts.  My concerns about the future are important to you, because they are important to me.  Yet, you do not worry or fret.  You know the outcomes and the seasons.  Help me to trust in your sovereignty.  As this election comes and goes like so many others have done, in so many places around the world, help me to know you are not caught off guard. All rulers rise and fall by your hand alone.  Your plans are perfect, even when those of us you created are not.  Your ways are not my ways, and what I see is far far from what you know to be true.

You were before time and you will be after it. You live above the confines of my small mindedness.  Seasons stretch out before me and seem so very long, yet, to you they are but the blink of an eye. Give me an eternal perspective, so that I do not focus on the short-term-smallness of the place our country is in at this moment.  Give me eyes to see bigger than that.  Do not allow me to get bogged down in the details of mud-slinging, or even whatever comes after mud-slinging.  Instead, help me to join my heart to yours in loving those you love, which is all of us.  Give me eyes to see your marvelous creation, beyond space and time, and into the hearts of men. Into my own heart.  Not the darkness there, but the hope that shines within me through Christ.  Let that hope be a beacon rather than a glaring harsh spotlight.  Give me grace to walk in the love I see you exhibit.  Remove all bitterness and frustration from my heart, and the coarse chatter from my lips.  Replace it with your words of life.  Help me to speak them, to be a part of healing our land, instead of tearing it down.  Lift up my head, pull me out of the pit, set me on a mountain top, where thoughts are clean and pure, where words are encouraging and bring life to all those around me.

I lay the results of this election at your feet. God help us.  I open my hands and surrender to your plans.  I put my future in your hands.  I ask for mercy for our country, and for grace to walk in the path before us.  I pray the hope that is within us will be fanned into flame that would spread far and wide and exhibit your glory.

In Jesus name,



6 thoughts on “An Election Prayer

  1. If ever we need to stand back and look at our world in prospective, it is now. The world we know does not end today. Our Father promises more. The “An Election Prayer” says more than I ever could. Thank you Michelle for bringing us back to reality. Amen & God Bless

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