Wisdom vs. Knowledge

Tidbits for Teachers are regular SHORT inspirations to bring hope and encouragement to teachers in all settings.  I hope to give you a shot in the arm and remind you why you chose this career in the first place.


You are carriers of knowledge.  It has been entrusted to you to deliver information into the minds of the future.  I cannot emphasize how important this authority is in the lives of your students.  It is not to rule over them, or force feed them.  It is to open their eyes to see for themselves, to explore information, but also to dig deeper, beyond knowledge to wisdom.

Wisdom is simply knowledge with experience. Wisdom is understanding. You teach knowledge, but wisdom must be imparted. It is the difference between a story and a parable; a tale and a fable.  In the long days, and in the hours of planning, grading, meetings, and lessons, remember why you teach. It is not reading for reading’s sake, or math just for the sake of numbers.  It is more than that.  It is about far more than passing a test of knowledge. It is to give your students the tools they will need to navigate their lives.

Reading and math? Yes.  But also compassion and kindness.  Social Studies and Science? Definitely.  But also context and consideration.  It is a high call you have.  Do not allow the immediate to take precedence over the real job.  The tyranny of the urgent has always been in direct opposition to the peace of the permanent. Slow and steady wins the race.  Dig deep, teachers.  You are the gates to wisdom, a high calling indeed.

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