The Election’s Over…for Me Anyway

michelle-in-front-of-yonahI try to be a silver-lining type person. I look for the good in bad situations, and usually, I can find it.  This election has been a different matter entirely.  I have withheld my comments and opinions, knowing that they will not make anyone do anything differently.  I am not interested in going to war with my friends on either side of the isle.  My heart is heavy, and my mind incredulous that we have found our way to such foolishness.

Poisonous talk

Many God-fearing folks have turned into vessels of poison, spewing in every direction, not caring how they represent the God they claim to serve.  Other people have taken issue with every single point made, arguing for the sake of arguing.  In reality, this election has exposed our hearts, and that is a scary thing to see.  The bitterness and unforgiveness we have carried inside are bubbling up and over.  They are spilling onto our kids.  Our friendships are strained.  We can only see one view…our own.  The simplicity of the past appears to be gone, replaced by complex, multi-layered issues which are only magnified by our yelling at one another.

Wounded Nation

There are deep wounds in our nation, and this election has ripped the scabs off and exposed pain that cries out in red-hot anger which is fed by fear. I was raised in an era where the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” was the accepted way of relating. We could agree to disagree without talking about it in ways that degraded those who saw things differently than us.   Now, it seems as if the phrase has been rewritten.  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, scream it on social media.” In the process, the fruits of the spirit, joy, peace, kindness and gentleness have taken flight, replaced by criticism, backbiting, and disrespect.  These new fruits come from the spirit of woundedness that resides over our country. It seems that restoration is far, far away.

Good News

The good news is that the election is almost over. The good news is that God will not be surprised by the winner, since he already knows the result.  The good news is that he will not fall off the throne, nor will he abandon us.  He is with each of us.  He is that personal of a God.  In light of eternity, this election is less than a blip on the radar.  It may set the stage for future events that have been on the timeline since before time was created.  We cannot know.  It is not our place to know.  It is our place to love God and each other.  That’s it.  Our whole purpose. No need to prostitute ourselves for power.  No need to have control.  No need to be disrespectful or unkind.  No need to let fear rule over us.  No need to point fingers and place blame. That is the job of the Accuser and I certainly don’t want to unite with him in his purpose of divisiveness. I would rather keep silent than to aid and abed him, because that would make me an accomplice.

Silver Linings

I did find a silver lining or two.  It took me until now to find them.

  • First is, that for me, the election is already over. I voted early. I no longer have to listen or watch the circus.
  • The second is that when I voted, there was a long line. I had to wait to vote. I vote in every election, and I have never had to wait in line during early voting.  It is one of the reasons I vote early.  The line itself isn’t the silver lining, it is the exercising of the right to vote that gave me hope. The passionate discourse, even the disrespectful ugly kind we have had this election, has reawakened the public to the importance of our right to vote.  Many have fought and died for us to have that right.  There are people all over the world who would give anything to have that right.  We should never take it for granted, and for reminding us of that fact, we should thank Hillary and Donald.

It’s the only positive thing I can say, so I will go back to saying nothing at all.

6 thoughts on “The Election’s Over…for Me Anyway

  1. Here in Florida, we started early voting today. My plans are to go tomorrow. Then I can join you. However, unless you don’t watch TV, you cannot get away from all the negative. Oh Well…14 days. Great Post.

  2. I totally get that–I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of t.v. in the past month because of all this crud (and been to work and drinking coffee out all day to avoid it). I’m probably going to have to stick to election day voting because of my schedule, but I don’t mind. I am annoyed at how we’ve become a nation of children and just can’t or won’t accept anybody else’s viewpoints if they smack of just a hint of disagreement. I refuse to get into political discussions with people I’m around, unless they’re those amazing, enlightened individuals interested in honest discourse without insults and learning something new together. Be good and take a breath.

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