Us vs. Them

IMG_9816I think in education we have divided ourselves into two groups. Us vs. Them.  Us being the teachers and Them being everyone else including politicians and all levels of administration.  Each group has their own point of view.  Each group is determined that theirs  is the correct way to look at things.  In a way, the bickering that goes back and forth is like siblings who cannot see eye to eye.  They are so close, having been raised in the same household, under the same rules, yet their views differ emensely.  The passionate ‘discussions’ are so intense because of the family dynamics.  Just as in a family, hurt feelings are the result of such disagreements that lead to hardened hearts full of pain.  Pointing fingers and playing the blame game is commonplace, and this kind of pushing off of responsibility prevents anyone from taking ownership of the issues facing education.  It, instead, spirals into a cycle of dysfunction that ends in a toxic environment for all…including the children who are supposed to be the focus of all of our efforts.  This relational crisis is at the root of all the educational problems we face. Disunity not curriculum.  Discord not testing.  Disputes not data. Disagreements not differentiation.  The immaturity and unwillingness to sit down and listen to one another…truly listen…is a sad state of affairs and completely unnecessary.

Instead of Us or Them…be a WE.

  • WE…are educators.
  • WE…love children.
  • WE…love teaching.
  • WE…love learning.
  • WE…are good at what we do.
  • WE…know how to listen.
  • WE…know how to problem solve.
  • WE…are creative.
  • WE…know how to collaborate.
  • WE..know this can work.
  • WE…are WILLING to try.
  • WE…want the best.
  • WE…want peaceful interactions with one another.
  • WE…want discussions not stalemates.
  • WE…want to be a part of the solution.
  • WE…are open to new ideas.
  • WE…know that new ideas will be required.
  • WE…can make changes.
  • WE…want to be a part of making things better.
  • WE…want to make school fun again.
  • WE…want happy successful students.
  • WE…ALL want these things.
  • WE…know that it doesn’t have to be this hard.
  • WE…are building the future.
  • WE…need to remember that.
  • WE…know it is not about us.
  • WE…believe educated citizens are the best thing for our society.
  • WE…want to have a role in creating a better world.
  • WE…are tired of bickering.
  • WE…refuse to do it.
  • WE…close our mouths and open our ears.
  • WE…choose to listen before we speak.
  • WE…choose to look at the truth.
  • WE…choose to SEE it.
  • WE…choose to find ways to help children.
  • WE…pack up our tents from whichever camp we are in.
  • WE…lay down our agendas.
  • WE…lay down our pride.
  • WE…lay down our hurt.
  • WE…move forward.
  • WE…are educators.

Choose to be a WE. 

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