The Secret

IMG_9892Around the corner. Just ahead. Along the path. A rustling in my spirit draws me like a note in a song. It pulls my heart forward. I catch a glimpse.   A shadow. A dancing light. My heart turns towards it. My eyes strain to see but there is nothing. Maybe the in the next curve it will reveal itself. Whatever IT is.

A whiff. An inkling. It uses my curiosity against me. Or perhaps for me. Ever tugging me along. Just out of reach. I can feel it there, but it is unknown to me. I can almost see it. Almost.

Part discontent, part anxious anticipation. Part fear, part faith. All wrapped up in hope. Surrounded in ‘Could it really be?’ and ‘I’m going to do what?’ My heart cries out its need to know in this holy game of hide and SEEK.

Ahhh….seek. Yes. Seek jumps from the page. It catches my attention. Seek me first. Seek and you will find. Seek. A search. An attempt to discover. Seek a person and you will find the thing.

The secret. The new thing. It is waiting just around the corner to be present in the moment I arrive. But which corner? How do I get there?

‘Seek. No need to rush. It will wait for you,’ the wind says to my heart.

‘But I will explode if I do not find it soon!’ my heart replies.

The wind laughs. Pauses. Kisses my cheek as it encircles me. Calling me to follow. Inspiring me to seek the secret. The new thing. Then it blows past. Resuming our game of hide and seek.

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