You Might be a Parent going on a PVT if…


You might be a parent preparing for a ParentVisionTrip if:

  • The knots in your stomach have turned to butterflies.
  • You have a long, long list of items to bring, from your racer and the team.
  • You wonder how you can fit said list AND your own stuff into one carry on.
  • You consider wearing the same thing for a week in order to do so.
  • You can’t wait to meet the racer who wanted twisted bbq Fritos.
  • Or the one who wanted Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • You wish those items didn’t take up so much space.
  • You consider popping the airtight seals to make them fit.
  • You decide you can take less just to see their smiles.
  • You pray diligently that your body will adjust to whatever the sleeping arrangements are, and whatever the walking arrangements are.
  • You hope that AIM considered an over 50 body doesn’t bend like it used to.
  • This keeps you awake at night.
  • You decide to take extra advil…just in case.
  • You make room for it in your carry on, beside the chic-fil-a sauce.
  • You pray that you will recognize your racer.
  • You worry that you won’t.
  • You liked him/her the way he/she was before he/she left.
  • You trust that God will have done amazing things.
  • You hope that you are not too far behind them spiritually now.
  • You feel a growth spurt coming on.
  • You dream of a long-slow-motion-run-into-each-others-arms hug at the airport.
  • It makes you cry just to think of it.
  • You wonder how to prepare your heart for this adventure.
  • Suddenly packing seems like the easy part.
  • You are nervous about leaving your comfort zone.
  • You leave it anyway.
  • You realize God used your racer as bait… and you took it.
  • You’ve been tricked.
  • You laugh at God’s follow-your-kid-anywhere-they-go strategy.
  • It has been his strategy for years.
  • It works. Every. Time.

6 thoughts on “You Might be a Parent going on a PVT if…

  1. This made me laugh, so true! (And one parent described her son’s sandals as “you realize you’ve essentially agreed to pack 2 small chihuahuas.”) Love it!

  2. I actually laughed out loud reading this list. It is so true!! Thank you so much for your posts Michelle, I read every one and have appreciated your insights so much!!

  3. Love it Michelle! Thanks for sharing your insight which radiates joy and makes might heart swell. Shawn (Bella’s mom squad N)

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