Empty Nest

IMG_9672I drive up the driveway and there are no cars…except mine.

I enter the house to silence.

No laughter around the table.

No voices echoing up the stairwell.

No pool balls clicking together.

No arguments, or shouts at ballgames, or washing machines churning.

No music playing or being played.

All is still.

This is empty nest.

I check my heart, and it is still beating. Hard to believe that without my children here it knows how to keep on going. They have been my heartbeat for soooo many years. A smile crosses my face at the thought of all that has been in this house even as tears fill my eyes. They are not sad tears but grateful ones. Grateful for all the heartbeats. Grateful for memories and seasons.

Still… it is so very quiet.

It will take some getting used to. The usual clamor of in and out, open and close, cars coming and going… All silent now.

As I sit in this noiseless house I HEAR a voice I recognize.

He knows my heartbeat and he sees my tears.

He is peace to my soul…as always.

He smiles and I can hear it in his voice as he says, “Now I can speak to you in hushed tones and shared whispers and you will hear me.”

I smile because he is right. I do.

And so begins a new beginning….

4 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. Thank you! We live in Uganda and my daughter, her husband and our beautiful grantchildren visited us for 2 weeks. Yesterday they left. It’s very quiet now and I feel sad but also grateful. More time now to listen to Gods voice, a new beginning indeed.

  2. Thank you for this word special for me today
    As I leave launch today this will be my reality every day for as long as God allowes… I anticipate hearing his voice as he whispers to me I will listen. He knows me he created me he loves me and I am not alone A new beginning a new journey I accept and receive in Jesus name.

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