Letter from a Dog Named Bella

IMG_7905I have a guest blogger today. This is what our dog Bella would write if she could…

Dear Mom and Dad,

When Rusty got sick I thought he was faking it for attention. I mean what better way to get you to grant his every wish than to pretend his back legs didn’t work. I was hurt and offended that he was getting all of your care. Carrying him outside to use the bathroom, giving him special places to sit on the furniture, feeding him treats…I could barely stand it; I am a Husky after all, and a diva at that. But after a week went by, and then two I realized he wasn’t faking it. I got concerned and stayed nearby just watching him and hoping that my brother would snap out of it. On the day you took him I don’t think I realized he wasn’t coming back. I thought FINALLY I would get some special treatment with him being gone. I relished the “alone time” and was happy to have him out of the house so I could have you all to myself. However, after a month, I found out that I missed having a brother to push around. It made me sad that he was gone, and more so that I was alone. Soon I wasn’t really hungry anymore, and I didn’t really want to go out into the yard because there was nothing to do out there…no one to play with. It was simpler just to lie on the couch all day. Hannah took me for walks to get me out, and that made me happy, but only temporarily. Once I was back home I remembered how sad I was.

IMG_7893I know you were all worried about me. I know that I wasn’t very fun to be around at this time. I could tell you were sad that Rusty wasn’t here anymore either. I just couldn’t seem to care about anything at all. Then Dad took me to this place with a big yard out front, and all the people there were so nice. And Mom and Hannah were waiting for me there with a puppy named Smiley. We all went into the big yard. I wasn’t too sure at first about this dog because she wanted to jump and play and I really didn’t feel like it. But then the nice man named Chris came in and he reminded me what it was like to play again. Soon I was running and jumping and feeling like my old self. Smiley brought out the best in me. She ran and chased me and I chased her. It was like heaven. We played there for a long time, until we were so tired we had to sit in the shade and rest together. It was the best play day ever. You know I don’t usually have much to do with other dogs, but there was something about this dog that I loved right away.


When you brought her home the next day, I was so excited I was jumping up and down. When she came in the yard, I couldn’t wait to show her around. We played some and then I showed her around the house. She didn’t know we could play inside too, so I showed her how me and Rusty used to run all around the living room and dining room like we were racing with each other. I showed her how to wrestle too. It was like she had lived here forever. Soon we were just lying on the kitchen floor together waiting for you to drop food on the floor Mom, while you were cooking. I didn’t even mind when we had company and they showered the new puppy with attention. It was like I wanted her to feel welcome, so it didn’t bother me at all. I am glad we chose a new name for her. I understand why her name had been Smiley, because she does smile all the time, but I like the name Gracie better. It fits her.

IMG_7907     IMG_7923

So Mom and Dad, I am writing this letter to thank you for getting me a new sister. I know I haven’t been happy lately, but I wanted you to know that Gracie has made me the happiest dog ever. I still miss Rusty, but I think he would be so glad to know I have found someone to play with. I am sure he wouldn’t mind at all that she is sleeping in his corner, and using his leash. He would like her as much as I do. Gracie would be hard not to like, she is so much fun. I am glad to have her in our family. I think having been alone for some time I learned what it means to be a good sister. It kind of helped me to grow up. I know I am still a diva, but I think Gracie will help me with that…a little.

Thanks again,


P.S. If you know anyone else who needs a pet you should tell them to go to Smithgall Humane Society and Adoption Center. That place is GREAT!!    http://www.charlessmithgallhumanesociety.org/

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